Bicycle Rental FAQ

Are the bikes are new? Bikes can be rented for a maximum of 45 days from purchase. This means that if you rent a bicycle for 15 days in the worst case that bike will have been rented for another 30 days. In this way we ensure that bikes are always in perfect condition

What is included with the bike? the bicycle is equipped with a rack and with bike rentals we sent two bags, a bottle cage for water (drinking bottle is not included), tool kit, inflation pump, spare tube and a lock.

Does the bike have clip-on pedals? no, we give you the standard bicycle with pedals but if you want to put your own pedals that s no problem.

Where do I pick up the bike? Tell us where you start the camino and we will send it to the hostel from where you start. We are in contact with various hostels along the camino to where we can send bicycles

Do you send bicycles anywhere in Spain, Portugal or France? Anywhere in Spain. Portugal has a surcharge or 15€ . We do not ship to France.

Can I start the Camino in Saint Jean Pied de Port? We don t ship bicycles to France but we can ship to Roncesvalles, the Spanish town closest to Sain Jean de Pied de Port.

Where in Santiago are the bicycles delivered to? To the store Ultreia, Rua Nova 36-B 981 580 021 Tel (across the street behind the pilgrim s office) Time: 10.30-14.00 and 5.00-8:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday;: Sundays from 10.30-14.00

Can you deliver bicycles to some point other than Santiago de Compostela? we have agreements with other delivery points. Tell us where you plan to finish the camino and we can tell you if the bike can be delivered there.

Can I cancel my reservation? If you cancel with more than 10 days in advance we will refund the full payment (less the fees charged by paypal). If you cancel with less than 10 days , we will charge a penalty of 50 € for each rented bicycle.

Do you rent other accessories for the bikes? No but we can sell them to you and send them with the bike. Prices: Water bidon-5 €; Hull-25 € Anything else you need to ask us and we will give you a price.

Are the bags included waterproof? Yes. The bags that are waterproof. They are Ortlieb back-rolller city, the best on the market. When you close them you need not worry about the rain. What kind of bike do you rent? we chose the model Conor AFX 8500 a reliable bike so you should not have any problems along the way.

What happens if you break the bike on the camino? The bike is delivered in perfect condition. It is your responsibility to review and verify that the bike is in perfect condition. If there is any problem the user should contact us to clarify or resolve any problems. Once started it is the responsibility of the user to return the bike in the condition in which it was received. If it breaks it will be the user who should repair the bike.

Do you have to pay a deposit? Yes. For each bike rented we ask a deposit of 200 € for theft or damage sustained on the bike that are not produced by normal use of the bicycle (falls, missing parts, etc…) This deposit shall be returned the moment the bike is returned and we check that the bike is in perfect condition.

How is payment made? Once you finalize the number of bikes, dates and place of shipment will send you an email with a secure Paypal link. On this page you can pay with any Visa or Mastercard. Payment is completely safe. The platform is managed by Paypal payment, we can not at any time access your card number.

Should the bikes be returned clean? The bike is delivered to you clean and must be returned clean. Otherwise there will be a charge of 10 € for cleaning.

How far in advance do I have to book the bike? The further in advance the better. So that we can make sure that we will have a bike for you. In any case, you must book a minimum of 7-10 days before departure. To prepare and send the bike usually takes 4 or 5 days but it is better to give a margin to the courier to ensure that the bicycle arrives in time for your day of departure.